Moventor – Company of the year 2016

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Moventor was awarded “Company of the year 2016” -reward in its own region. Pirkkala’s Entrepreneurs registered association board rewards once a year a company who has performed well in variety of criteria. Moventor was happy to receive this reward for its last years performance.

Pirkkala’s Entrepreneurs registered association board appreciates Moventors effort to perform in international market against bigger companies. Moventor has kept its competitiveness although the year 2016 was very busy with R&D. Moventor launched a new computer system and digitalized the communication within the whole product line. This allows easy customization to meet customers needs in any time. Take a look at the new computer and option from here.

Moventor Oy is a modern, international, strongly growing and developing manufacturing company, highly specialized in friction measurement and the airport equipment business. Our core business areas include developing, manufacturing, delivering and servicing Skiddometer BV 11 continuous friction measuring equipment around the world and representing EHR- Fahrzeugtechnik Cleaning Systems in the Scandinavian region.

Moventor’s head office and factory are located in Pirkkala in Finland. Moventor is committed to providing you products and services that increase the value and effectiveness of your business.

Moventor is grateful for the reward and thanks the Pirkkala’s Entrepreneurs registered association for this honor. We will keep developing our products and continue to export them all over the world.



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